A reflection of my engagement so far..



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My engagement with this unit so far has been very pleasurable. The opportunity to read and discover many wonderful children’s books has been the most enjoyable aspect. Prior to undertaking this unit, I had a strong love for all children’s books. What I have learnt however is that there can be more value to particular books and as a teacher, how I can harness the features of children’s books to develop their literacy skills. Furthermore, I now have a large list of amazing examples of stories I can use to develop my personal library that I am sure I will use as I become a teacher.

In reflection of my engagement, I have developed a list of behaviours I wish to recognise as part of the stop/start/keep model.

Firstly, I wish to stop leaving my formal work for the unit (blog posts in particular) to the last day. This has caused me trouble when I have found myself without internet access for some time as I had no backup plan. My lesson has been learnt here. I endeavour to enter into the second half of this unit with a fresh mind space. Organisation will be the key. I have developed a more detailed study plan and will attempt to follow it better. Leaving work to the last minute is not beneficial to my learning as I do not feel I am able to commit myself fully to the tasks.

Secondly, I wish to start keeping a record of the features in the books I read. Perhaps I will continue a blog like this one to detail the important aspects in each book. While I am reading the books and at the time, noticing the potential usefulness in relation to literacy teaching in the classroom, I am often later finding myself having to reread the book again to continue to remember these factors. A central, digital record could be something of great use for me.

In addition to this, I would love to start making time for myself to read. This unit has made me understand that my love for reading and my desire to become a teacher should not be separate entities. Instead, I can use reading as a way to forever be building knowledge of language features, visual and critical literacy; and as an added bonus, it allows me to take some time “away” from studying to participate in some much needed personal time.

Lastly, I would love to keep reading. By this I mean I would like to make my weekly trips to the library a tradition. My children are thanking me for it and I can see their desire to be surrounded by books, a satisfying accomplishment. Through reading and discussing books with my children, I am not only helping them to see and understand children’s literature in a new way, but also I am using the opportunity to practice my teaching strategies I can later bring to my career.


One thought on “A reflection of my engagement so far..

  1. Wendy Balassa August 29, 2013 at 12:23 pm Reply

    Hi Kristy and thanks for your blog.

    Your Stop section of the reflection demonstrates you have given thought to what you feel has not worked or has been a challenge and outlined how you wish to improve on your time management and planning in order to improve your engagement. I would have liked to have seen the Start and Keep sections more directly linked to your engagement in the unit rather than to children’s literature in general. As an example. you could have looked at your participation in the weekly tasks and discussions and considered if you need to start doing anything differently. These two sections needed to be more personal and linked to your engagement in the unit itself.


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